Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Looking For A New Love," Jody Watley (3/21/87)
Former Revolution-ary Bobby Z provided the tough drum-machine beats, but former Shalamar singer Jody brough the atti-ma-tude, as the chillen might say (or at least did back in the day). This is a fairly simple song, one which Paula Abdul could've ruined, but Jody makes it work by working it - and it helped to earn her a Best New Artist Grammy a year later. Her "Hasta la vista, baby" meant more to me than the Governator's. Still does. B+

"Let's Wait Awhile," Janet Jackson (3/14/87)
Charmingly innocent back when she could still sell it, if a little on the boring side (though I'm certain her "I promise, I'll be worth the wait" line gave a nation of teenaged boys boners). Ballads have never been her strongest point, anyway. B

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