Tuesday, October 28, 2003

"Let's Get Serious," Jermaine Jackson (5/17/80)
Michael wasn't the only hitmaker in the family in '80. Pound for pound, this is the most sheerly funky #1 of the year - I sure hope Jermaine sent (producer and cowriter) Stevie Wonder a nice card, at least. Really, his biggest-ever hit (6 weeks at #1, #9 pop) has nothing whatsoever to do with Jermaine; nearly anyone could've sung this just as well. It's the too-funky-for-this-room track from Stevie, a bubblin' cauldron of horny horns, nasty bass, chicken-scratch guitar, and Mr. Wonder's galloping keyboards that sends it all into the stratosphere. But Jermaine gets the label credit, and I'll let him have it when the single's this hot. A+ [Yeah, I gave a Jermaine Jackson single an A+, whatcha gonna do, huh?]

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