Sunday, April 04, 2004

"Oh Sheila," Ready For The World (9/21/85)
Not only is this the bomb, it's the motherfucking bomb. Everyone knows what a superb Prince rip this is - i.e., the generic version - but what I'm not sure if everyone realizes is how incredibly salacious lead singer Melvin Riley sings. Even when he's singing about love, he sounds dirty, and that's what gets the best RFTW singles over (they had no "best" albums, trust). That and their identikit Purple instrumentation, that is. Unbelievably, "Sheila" is almost on par with any R&B #1 Prince himself had in the '80s. Almost. But this ain't horseshoes, so almost is enough (and if you don't believe me, listen for yourself). A+

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