Friday, September 07, 2007

"Ooo La La La," Teena Marie (4/9/88)
Amazing to me that after all of the adulation she rightly received in the early years of her career, and all the hits she had cf. "Square Biz," "Behind the Groove," etc., it wasn't until 1988 that the imcomparable Lady T had her first (and only, to date) R&B #1 - and with a black adult-contempo ballad, no less! Fortunately it's a rich 'n' creamy slow-dancin' groove topped with Marie's perfectly imperfect vocals (and one of those spoken-word breakdowns she's always been so fond of, yay). Like TTD (see below), Teena Marie's an honest-to-goodness one-of-a-kind wonder, and one of the loveliest treasures R&B's offered up over the past 30 years. The world's a better place with her music in it, "Ooo La La La" included. A-

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