Friday, December 12, 2008

"Closer Than Friends," Surface (3/18/89)
And with this, an R&B supernova trio hit the motherlode, starting a run of four #1s, out of five singles, in under two years. Sure, they'd already had a pair of top 3 singles (1987's much-loved "Happy" and 1988's "I Missed"), but this was where Surface exploded. Three years from this, they couldn't get arrested: their early-'92 single "....A Nice Time for Lovin'" peaked at a pathetic #52. But in '89, they ruled; the only R&B artists with bigger years, chart-wise, were King Bobby Brown, Crown Princes Guy, and Princess Karyn White (rookie of the year by furlongs). Their incredible, incredibly brief run commenced, then, with an easy-going (there it is again) midtempo (surprise!) number, nicely sung and produced, surprisingly simple. Inspirational verse: "When you're here, I want you to stay/And when you're gone, I want you more every day." B+

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