Monday, August 22, 2011

"My Fantasy," Teddy Riley featuring Guy (9/9/89)
Guy were, arguably, one of the most important New Jack Swing artists (I'll say the most important), between Aaron Hall's son-of-Charlie-Wilson vocals and Teddy Riley's brilliant production (which, frankly, defined an era, or at least a mini-era). Weirdly, this was their only chart-topper in their supernova of a career (2 albums in the space of 3.5 years, then a nearly decade-long breakup followed by an irrelevant reunion) - and it was a one-off single for Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing that's credited, well, weirdly. (They had a further half-dozen top 5 singles from those two albums, '88's Guy and '90's The Future.) This is a fine New Jack record, complete with a great use of some scratched-up sample from Big Daddy Kane's "Raw," but it's not as good as Guy themselves - basically, this single was kind of Teddy's Puff Daddy move. Fortunately it didn't stick, because The Future is an R&B masterpiece. You won't go wrong with this, exactly, but they did plenty better. B+

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