Friday, July 23, 2004

"Do Me Baby," Meli'sa Morgan (2/15/86)
Wherein Meli'sa crawls onto the couch with you and Prince, and it's better than any three-way should ever be. [She doesn't just nail the song, one of Prince's sexiest - she nails you, too.] A-

"That's What Friends Are For," Dionne & Friends (1/25/86)
Kudos to Dionne, Elton, Gladys, and Stevie for recording a song to raise million$ for AIDS research. No kudos for doing so with a completely bathetic Carole Bayer Sager composition which Diane Warren's been trying to better, let's face it, for her entire career. D+

"Say You, Say Me," Lionel Richie (1/11/86)
Ooh, this doesn't start '86 off promisingly. See, Lionel's problem wasn't his arrangements, as limp as they often were. It was the fact that in reaching to write wedding/anniversary anthems for the whole of the world - and once he started tasting pop success on his own, that seemed to be all he wanted to do - he had to dumb himself down to the lowest common denominator to keep racking up the hits. This is one of the most well-meaning pieces of bunk to top the chart in the decade. Wonder why American Psycho's Patrick Bateman was more a Huey Lewis fan and not a Lionel fan? D

"Don't Say No Tonight," Eugene Wilde (12/21/85)
Clearly, the "night" time was the right one for Wilde (see this "Tonight"-titled charttopper, natch), which works out fine: he wasn't great, he wasn't bad; he just had a moment and rode it. Not quite as good as his prior #1, however. B-

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