Monday, June 06, 2005

"There's Nothing Better Than Love," Luther Vandross (With Gregory Hines) (5/9/87)
Luther on '80s-midtempo/ballad autopilot, with the inexplicable addition of Hines, who may have amazing feet but whose voice is a bit on the thin and reedy side - especially when paired against Luther's mellifluous tones. Luther on '80s-midtempo/ballad autopilot isn't the worst thing. But it's not the best, either. B

"Don't Disturb This Groove," The System (5/2/87)
A caramel candy drop of a synthed pop single sauced with electric guitar, this oddly ascended the heights of the R&B chart despite being about as funky as George Jones. The hook melts in your mouth, not your hands. A-

"Sign 'O' the Times," Prince (4/11/87)
Seemingly simple but with more and more layers as the song progresses, the title track of Prince's best album is a cultural snapshot of its, well, times, which makes it a little dated. But not by much. B+

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