Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"All Of My Love," The Gap Band (12/23/89)
What an odd way to end the decade. Charlie Wilson and company hadn't hit the top 10 in 3 years, and hadn't hit #1 in nearly 7 (since their '82 trio of killers: "Early In The Morning," "You Dropped A Bomb On Me," and "Outstanding," all still classics), yet here they were, making another (and their final) comeback. Sadly, this is as generic as much of what came before it at the top of the charts in late '89; were it not for Charlie's vocals - and even he seems oddly reigned in, like a Xerox copy of himself - this could be practically anyone. It's just another uptempo, perky song that says nothing and signifies even less. Sigh. C

"Ain't Nuthin' In The World," Miki Howard (12/16/89)
Identikit faux-New Jack production attempts to prop up a bland uptempo piffle sung by a singer who deserved better (and often, got it: see the follow-up, the highly recommended #2 single "Love Under New Management"). Halfway through the song you've forgotten it. C

"Here and Now," Luther Vandross (12/2/89)
Sometimes bad songs happen to good singers; they happened too often to Luther, because his taste for schlock was great. This ultra-bathetic wedding standard is a prime example. He should've known better, because this song, really, is just disgusting, a watery ballad with nothing to recommend it. D

"Home," Stephanie Mills (11/25/89)
Her last #1 was a remake of a song Mills herself had first sung over a decade earlier on Broadway, in The Wiz. It's "inspirational." While not nearly as gross as something like "Wind Beneath My Wings," the cloth it's cut from is not so dissimilar. Ms. Mills sings the hell out of it and the production is certainly tasteful enough, but it's all very just-sits-there. B-

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